Posting stories in these forums can be profitable

I had a beginning investor private message me that she had a smoking hot deal with an extremely motivated seller who wanted 30K for his property which has an ARV value of 90-110K
This beginning investor happens to live in my hometown and just so happens that’s where the property is located.
It’s interesting how sometimes these deals just fall in my lap, and of course other times it takes massive amounts of marketing and time, effort and expense.
What’s crazy is, I started Real Estate for completely selfish reasons, to only make money, and thought of nothing else.
I never expected the elation I feel from helping sellers and beginning investors.
The excitement from closing on a big deal is off the charts and so is the lows from a deal crashing in flames.

All in all, it’s fun, and I would do it even if it didn’t pay.
Let’s make some MONEY…