Posting a For rent sign in a bad neighborhood???

I’m getting sick of all these calls off of craigslist that aren’t panning out. Problem is, the type of people (for the most part) that will live in this neighborhood don’t use craigslist, and as a result, I just get tons of calls from people looking for deals that haven’t actually driven by as my ad states.

Anyways, i’ve went through a great deal of work to make this property look occupied. I have a car out front, a TV blaring in back, a radio up by the front door, to prevent vandalism.

What are your opinions on hanging a For rent sign out? Does that just ruin everything I’ve done? Reason i’m asking is, i’ve went a month now with this one unit vacant, which is a record for me even in this neighborhood.

I would advertise everywhere in the neighborhood, except on the property.

I do put a “for rent” sign on the property, even in bad neighborhoods. I also put up miniblinds; leave a light on; and leave a radio blaring. Having said all that, it is a risk putting up a “for rent” sign, but it’s one that I usually accept.


I haven’t done property on Craig’s, but I tried to sell a car with it. I had responses, but one wanted to pay me $300 a month and not get a loan. Another had a perverse email address so I ddin’t even respond. The rest were virtual tire kickers. I did better when I posted on a (pay) auto site.

Craigslist is notorious for having flaky people. It’s a great site for free advertising, but I’ve had numerous people contact me and say they were SO interested only to have them never show up for an appointment. The one that really blew my mind was when I was trying to GIVE AWAY a bed. A lady made an appointment to come get it so I dug it out of the garage…yeah she never showed. I’m also trying to sell my truck on CL now, but have had no luck.

I’ve sold quite a bit of stuff on CL. I never post my personal email address and always ask that the buyers respond by phone only. That helps slow down the cashier’s check scamsters. And there’s going to be alot of calls that don’t pan out. That’s sales for you.

Off topic/For what it’s worth: I sold my SUV on AutoTrader. It costs some money, but at least it worked. I don’t work for them, but I had an ok experience.

Put an add in the Penny Saver or Thrifty Nickle which is sometime the America Classifieds. Also post signs in the section 8 office. Lower income people may not have computers but they look in the papers.

Put up a sign. Put up blinds or curtains. Put in a timer for lights. Drive by it regularly, but not at regular times.

It shouldn’t be “For Rent” for very long if it’s decent and priced properly.

Good luck.