hey guys. I need some help with postcards. I use officemax right now to print and cut my cards. I dont like the cards I am getting. I have looked at kinkos and they are more for color but does anyone know if they are better?

have you tried to use a service instead.
i use Quantum Mail

has anyone used

I found a local printing service that does my postcards. “I Buy Houses” is GONE! We came up with some creative wording and put a few nice pictures on them, plus the cards were twice the size of a regular post cards. This guy designed the cards, printed them, and then mailed them for 26.4 cents a piece! Of course I did send out 8,000 of them. Hope this helped.

yes, got some business cards back about a week ago, they look good.

At PDFL the postcards are CMYK (4 color) and they cost only…5 cents a piece.
You can even include the postage.
It’s awesome.

Is anyone willing to share their actual postcards?

I have my postcard posted under…Short sale postcard.

Thank You.

That is very nice of you.

I will share mine once it is finished.

???Any others willinf to share their postcards or letters???

If you want to share docs, postcards, etc., the best bet would to email them to us so we can post them here…