How do I find effective content to put on my postcards for an upcoming motivated seller’s campaign I plan on running in May? I know where to find the postcards, but how do I create an effective message?


Justin from Idaho

You can possibly go on or and do a search for this.

Most of the providers have lots of templates that have been tested. Use these is a good place to start.

I would stick to the same marketing for bulk but maybe test specific content on a smaller batch or niche list. See the difference in return.

Lots of good examples online.

What works in one market won’t work as well in another market however.

Best advice I can give you is that you should test multiple mail pieces to see what gets the best response and tweak it over time.

I have heard keeping it simple and as personalized as possible works best.
Dear so-and-so,
I would like to buy your house at address here.

  • Need cash?

  • Need to selll fast?

  • Vacant house?

    Call or text NAME

To hear how I can make you a fair cash offer!


Good luck! Let us know how many you send out and how many calls you get.
Thanks JSHOW!

Look up major postcard/letter providers that work with Real Estate investors and they will have templates they have used and tested on their site. That should give you a good example

And if you want a stunning design for your postcards for free, try

It’s tough figuring out what’s the most effective for content and messaging on Direct Mail, but not impossible to find out. Split testing a few different campaigns once you get going is a quick way to see what works and what doesn’t. You can use a service like Call Rail to put different phone numbers on each different postcard template to help track which messages are effective. For creating them, I’ve used canva and it’s pretty user friendly for someone with no design background. From there you can upload your custom design to mail service companies and they can take care of things from there! Hope this helps!

Postcards are going to have to be customized for you. You want to include all the information about your demographic target and show them the most benefits that they will receive from selling their home to you.

Here are good website to help you get marketing templates for postcards and letters: