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To make it easier to follow stock and option trades, let’s post them all on this thread. Please, nothing but trades here; no arguing; no commentary; nothing but trades!



well for today i did some longer term stuff.


50k lehmq
50k wamuq
5k fnm

if any one of these gets back into the dollar amounts it will be a heck of an investment otherwise its a trip to a casino lol

5k shares of GM 3.10
2k shares of F 1.53

Can I tag a long and shoot my picks even if I haven’t hypothetically bought them? I wanted to wait until this semester was over with and be able to start when I could devote more time to this as a beginner.

Friday 21 2008
Picked 2 Citigroup DEC 2.50 Call options @ 2.00
I thought to myself 4.00 would have been good to get out with a nice profit and no stress of holding onto to such a shaky stock right now.
Would have sold Monday when those options were 4.00 for a good twenty minutes, for a 400 dollar profit. Not a bad hour.

Monday 24 2008
I did some chart reading and saw that there was more room for AMZN to go down and looked at the puts for DEC.
Picked 1 DEC 45.00 put option for 5.00
Fast forward to Tuesday 25 2008
The market hasn’t made that reversal that we all know is coming and AMZN puts are already climbing. They are now 5.75 and should climb higher. Should be very interesting to see what this price does when the market tanks again.


the only problem with your post is its not in real time. you posted a trade from friday on citigroup nonetheless. you 2nd post about amazon is ok but this thread is for REAL- Time trades. trades being done today, right now.

real time trades would be your amzn puts at todays price of 5.75 not saying you bought them yesterday. not trying to give you a hard time but some people on here want to see real results in real time.

My post i wrote i bought FNM yesterday if i were to post today i bought it after a 50% gain no one would believe I actually bought it monday see my point ?

Shaping up to be a crappy day on Wall Street…

Would seriously be watching the candles of DXD at 3pm today…provides 2:1 leverage for riding a few percent on a late-in-the-day selloff.


Certainly understand. I will refrain from posting until I open an account.

OK you asked for it!!!

Bought 600 QQQQ June 09 $16 PUTS Today @ .75. For anyone who doubts that, just check the volume today on those options. 600 of those are MINE!!

This IS NOT the position I wrote about earlier. That position was closed out at a profit.

So WHY did I buy these options???

Well…I feel as though our economy will get AS BAD as our REAL ESTATE market did. If you think about this it makes COMMON SENSE.
How can the entire PLANET have a HISTORIC real estate CRASH and it NOT effect the general economy. IT WILL…and like real estate, it will be FAR worse than almost ANYONE expects. GDP numbers sucked today and job losses are going to be HUGE!! These rallies we are having are the dieing gasps of a market headed LOWER…MUCH LOWER…
At one time I would enter a position like this and just STAY IN IT!!
I’ve learned that it is far easier to avoid the ups and downs and just snipe at these positions taking chunks here and there.

The June 09’s give me TIME to be WRONG…We COULD have a BIGTIME rally over the next month…Because these options don’t expire
for over 7 months it gives me a CUSHION. I don’t need this market to CRASH inorder to make money here. A decent sell off and I’m out!!!

MAKE A NOTE…Take a look at how far those June 09 $16’s are down TODAY…They are down .34 to .75 If we get a GIVE BACK sell off of that 900 point run up we had over the last 2 days, these options will be back over 1.00.

Great! The market certainly has a much larger downside to it than most are talking about, but they all know it. Look how long it took for people to begin recognizing a recession in the future. With that said, I’m expecting a continuous decline over the next 6 months. After Christmas, people won’t have an obligation to spend or travel much. The holidays always lift people up and almost cause them to forget about all of their problems. Come next year will be very sobering for most.

Sold those added 5k shares of GM 3.60

well i guess i should of kept those GM shares currently 3.99

almost 2k left on the table on those shares.

3k shares of BAC @ 12.93

see an upside potential with this today.

sold bac 14.15

lol christmas shopping money

i also bought back my 5k shares of gm @ 4.93 i wanted a good trade today so i bought it back. im still holding more GM from before so its price move is making my day today :beer

wow its 5.40’s now 2k profit for today on it. over 20k gain on gm today for me :beer go gm go

i was gonna buy more ford with the 17.5 k i got back from gm earlier since i thought i had too many eggs in gm’s basket. that damn basket is looking real good today. shorts are getting squeezed.

omg gm plummeted i sold my 5k shares for a $1500 gain but it was over up over 4k. the shorts came back super hard on it. i may get back in soon

back in and out 4.90 out 5.02


sold out of lehmq wamuq and f today got out in very good shape especially on ford (2.86 :biggrin) it dropped huge an hour after i sold it.

had terrible luck on day trades. i didnt make any. I missed them all. FNM this morning put an order in at .91 it touched but i never got any shares then goes straight to 1.20 +. looking back on it i shoulda have just clicked market it was .92 long enough for me to have filled my order.
GM i noticed it dipped into low 4’s seen it at about 4.50’4-4.60 didnt pull the trigger woulda made some decent money. F went to 2 i seen it at high 2.30’s still woulda been a good trade. man i swear i have missed sooooo many trades the last few days.

my darn broker doesnt allow shorting DRYS or any of the dry bulkers. they are in terrible shape for the next few months, until china uses up its iron ore and then needs to buy more. at some point I will be buying/ holding drys i hope it gets hammered down.

All in all it was a good day for me. got some cash off the table and at very good prices. no homeruns today only bunts lol

Just sold my Ford stock at $3.49 per share (couldn’t get a covered call with the premium I wanted so I decided to sell the stock). My reason for selling is that a one year chart shows that there should be significant resistance at about $4.00 per share. Furthermore, the bailout should be announced in the next hour or two and the old rule is “buy on the rumor, sell on the news”. I’m concerned that once the bailout is announced, that the stock will sell off because there will be no more good news for a while! If I’m wrong, I could be giving away some upside, but I’m satisfied with the trade.

As you will recall, I bought the stock in November for $2.10 per share. I made a total of 48 cents per share selling a November $3 covered call. Then, today I sold at $3.49 per share, so I made another $1.39 per share. So, in the past month, I have made a pre-tax and pre-commission profit of $1.87 on a $2.10 investment. Not bad! Now, if my ACI (arch coal will just come back up (I’m about even on that trade).


I sold the January 09, $17.50 covered call on my ACI (Arch Coal) today for $2.00. I was working on my rentals, so I wasn’t home, but I had put in an order this morning. I bought the stock last month for $16.85 and originally sold the November $17.50 covered call for $2.25. I later bought it back for $.05 (as I recall). The stock went all the way down to about $11 (ouch). Over the last few days, the stock has been coming back up and today reached $16.99, which allowed me to sell that Jan $17.50 covered call for $2. Therefore, so far, I’ve made $4.25 in premiums on my ACI stock. Just renting it out!


propertymanager - I like you more when you talk about your rental business… :O)

Good luck with your stock trades!

propertymanager - I like you more when you talk about your rental business... :O)

There hasn’t been a lot of excitement lately in my rental business - WHICH IS GOOD! I haven’t had an eviction in 4 months (it seems like an eternity) and haven’t had a “tenant from hell” in a long time.

I try to answer as many questions on the forums as I can, but you and Phlemboy beat me to the punch a lot of the time and I think you guys have this information down as well as I do. About all I could add in most cases is “DITTO”!

I just trade the stocks for fun during the boring winter months! Snowboarding will be starting soon, so maybe that will occupy some of my idle time.