Post up if your in Ohio

It seem that the post on rentals in Ohio is pretty hot. I’m just curious. Who on this board is in Ohio and where?

My office is in Independence

columbus here.

I know Mdhass is a financing guru. What’s your bag cecsix? I know you were looking at some properties “in the hood.” lol

i bought 2 hood houses, got them rented, am about to close on a couple more.

also eagerly looking to flip or rehab for quick cash.

what is your bag?


I work as a Realtor occasionally, but I prefer lending. That’s it. I stick with what I’m good at.

I know of some great flip opprotunities in town that have me thinking about getting into the “fix and flip” game. They are not listed, but a realtor has got them in her pocket.

10K Pur.
25K Rehab

If your looking for extra local action I’ve got leads out the ying-yang.

absolutely, those are the types of deals I’m looking for. i’ll gladly pay you a finders fee upon closing.

I have to call that Realtor later this morning in regards to another deal. E-mail me your phone contact info and I will put you two together. Forget the finders fee just keep me in mind when you are looking for financing.


I’m in Cleveland! 8)

In Columbus, Ohio
FasTrack Construction

Have construction contracting company here. Was mainly commercial, but trying to specialize more in rehabbing for investors in commercial or residential. Any construction questions or in need of quotes, holler. Appreciate any work. Quick turnaround, and carry all licenses except HVAC and plumbing.

Good idea about Ohio. We should do a local networking database.

I’m in the Eaton-Dayton-Springfield Area’s…Do you know of any around here???

I’ll flip them-you fund them…lol