Post It Notes / Sticky Notes - Do they work and where can I find them.

I have seen people using post it notes that they distribute door to door adverytising looking for sellers. I think this is a great idea, has anyone had experience using this marketing strategy and where can I find them.

I have use the post it notes and have had great success. I have done door to door with them and I have stuck them on car windows in parking lots. I carry them almost everywhere I go, I will put them on gas pumps while I’m getting gas, stick them on restroom mirrors, almost anywhere. This is a very inexpensive way to obtain leads.

I got the post it notes at We Sell Signs & More, they have post it notes designed specifically for investors and are easy to order.

Try them out I think you will like them.


You never had an issue placing them on auto’s?

I’ve ordered the post it notes from we sell in lime green. I have not put them on houses to blanket an entire neighborhood / market like I hear some investors talk about. Has anyone tried this and had success with it? I mostly just stick them everywhere I go in my daily routine…I also created a "We Buy Houses " flyer and stuck some post it notes on it as a "tear off " so people can take the info with them. What is your message on your post it note? I know you can order them with any message you want etc…

Interesing, I’ve never heard of doing this.

Can’t this be done with biz cards just the same? That is what I have been doing. One trick is put a biz card at the pumps where you slide your credit card in to pay at the pump. Someone always has to move that one so you know for sure someone is seeing your card :slight_smile: