Post Got Deleted?

I just read the rules about posting and nothing was said about telling the truth. Which is what I try to do from my years of experience in preforeclosures and other areas of rei.

But I guess if you post any truthful information that is contrary to the false premises postulated that support selling courses thru reverse rei course premise engineering that are unfounded and unprovable, your post WILL be deleted. That is because those premises can’t stand alone on their own merit. They need to be supported in any fashion, including deleting anything posted contrary to them outright.

Nothing is said in the rules against telling the truth. If my position is unfounded, why delete? It will be disproved immediately by all those who have done great short sale deals. You can’t delete otherwise. Because then you admit the falsity of the course selling reverse engineering premise. To make up an idea that sounds so good that people will buy into it wasting their money and their time.

Why can’t you make money telling the truth about rei? That it’s hard. It takes commitment. It takes education which can be had cheaply in terms of cost. Tell people the only real purpose of this site is to sell courses. Be honest. Otherwise delete.


How is making something bogus up about what the 1st does with the 2nd telling the truth!?!

Did you read your PMs, EH?

Did you think I was kidding?

You WILL NOT be allowed to run your business within the confines of these Forums…period.

You cannot tell people to contact you about the fabulous deals that you have.

You cannot try to use these Forums to advertise deals.

You cannot include your contact information in the body of your posts.

You shouldn’t make posts about how to lie, cheat the system, and steal from your ‘clients’. While this is not necessarily against the rules per se, it will be (and was) met with a lot of rebuttal as to your character as displayed.

You cannot post racist remarks in the Forum…(which was your last and final warning).

The list with you goes on and on with your personal behaioral pattern…it reminds me of dealing with a four year old trying to test his parents’ limits.

I also told you that if you have a problem with the moderation of the site, to send a note to one or more of the Moderators. Trying to somehow embarrass the management of the site does not "get it done’ – it just earmarks you as “whiny”…the good news is that, usually, posts like this are the last gasp of the ‘problem children’…then they slink away in search of “easier pickings”.