Post cards to vacant and problem properties owners.

Iam starting to do a mailing to vacant and problem properties owners were the city charge them 300 a day on problems with there vacant properties. and also where they have break ins from the property been vacant.
i need need some help on what kind of wording to put on the post cards. thanks

Owners of properties in that situation probably won’t need too much convincing. Make it simple. Let them know you buy houses and you would be interested in buying theirs. The hardest part is getting a good address if the property is vacant.


Knock on a door…

thanks everyone

Like you, there are lots of vacant properties around my area. I am finding out the names of the owners through county records. I then look up the names in the White Pages telephone book and have found this to be quite successful. Instead of sending a postcard, I am going to call them. If I can not find a number or name of the homeowner, I will do a skip trace ONLY if I think the property is worth it. If you haven’t tried this method, I suggest you do. If you have, proceed.

Good luck!!!

I’ve added mailings to vacant property owners and found that most were not motivated due to the fact that they have very low taxes and some own the properties free and clear.

I was thinking of mailing to people who have been getting fines for violations with the city and vandalized houses as well, but could not get information on how to track them down. Is there a website where they would list owners who are fined by the city?
Any other ideas on how to track them down?


Unfortunately, I think you’ll need to rely on checking with the local city government in the areas where you want to buy.