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You’re an interesting creature, Swirl, I’ll give you that. I’m going to get some popcorn and lurk while I await postings from the real estate elders in response to your post.

I bet you thought nobody would honestly respond!! Well I got nothing to hide…

School level - High School drop out!

Savings - Enough to cover my bills for 2 years.

Social Security # - (JK!) 555-55-5555 (JK)

Credit level - 796 at last check

Goal - to help others obtain there goal. And to sell my rentals as soon as the market allows and retire totaly by 35 I could do it now but nobody liked the hotdog cart idea so I got to do something why not stay in R.E.I.

Oh Robb I was waiting for some fun. lol

School level - post graduate

Savings - $25

Social Security # - 86753-… oh wait, that’s a song.

Credit level - 563/588

Goal - To quadruple my net take home income in 5 years through REI.

Ok lets do this then

School level - None

Savings - Hidden

Credit level - Never use it

Goal -Made all my money in landfills

****Please note this is honestly how my HML would answer this miss a payment lose a thumb! you can never tell anything about a man/woman by the size of there account or credit level!

I am investing. Many of you would consider me to be a speculator.

College graduate.

770 Remember, a FICO score is a tool, not a goal.

My 2006 goal for real estate investing is to add $100,000 to my cash income and to add $100,000 of real estate equity.

Hello Everyone,
It seems that the surveys are getting more interesting.
If this information to being used to measure the success or failure of an investor, there is going to be one thing missing from the formula. And that is the desire, drive and motivation of the person.

Here’s the format I want:

School level - High School Grad

Savings - My money works for me, no time to have it just sitting.

Social Security # - (JK!)

Credit level - High

Goal - To continue helping investors become successful

And the reasons why you can’t make it… and then we’ll start from there…
I would say that I am making it very well. Everytime I help another person be successful, it in turn helps me be successful. This is a people helping people business.

Why would anyone post their soc sec # for all the public to see???

And to answer your question-

Made enough to retire my husband at 40. He was an auto mechanic before that and I have always been a stay-at-home mom to 6


I believe that was a joke…he followed it with “JK!” which means “Just Kidding”…


You know Diane we have a ton in common My wife’s name is Diane and we have 5 kids 4 girls and 1 boy! 12,9,7,3,2 and she has not worked a normal J.O.B. sense we met!

this post also made me do the math I am only $22,637,291.48 in debt!! That is not bad is it?

I always tell people never worry about a zero a zero is nothing! So with that in mind what is the difference between being 1 dollar in debt or 10 not much really! so there is no difference between 10k and 100k it is just a zero! As long as it is good cash flowing debt…

on the other hand I am at a point where I could also sell out and own 17 free and clear (other then taxes) which would be 25k a month in rents wait wait I found the difference I want to make 250k not 25k!! LOL If you can not live on 25k a month GO TO REHAB!!!

reoconsultants, you are so right about the debt. Donald trump didn’t save up $1billion and buy the land under the Empire State building, he borrowed the money. Cash flow is king.

School level - B.S. Engineering and MBA

Savings - $180k to $200k (stocks) about $20k cash.

Social Security # - 060-45-4994 (JK!)

Credit level - 660

Goal - I want to replace my job income and sit at home by the pool with a bunch of chicks…but I have too much fun at my job.

Have any of you guys seen anybody retire lately? When my dad retired everybody met in a conference room with food and stuff. Your boss gave you a watch and you went off like a hero. Now what happens is they move you down the hall to a crappy office, then give you the crappy assignments, and make you quit. Or you just don’t come to work one day and there is an announcment that says you retired yesterday. I don’t want to go out like that.

But I am having so much fun at my job that I can’t leave it.

Arn’t we we blessed :slight_smile: Kids are the greatest joy in life above ALL else.

The more in debt you are the more your making. Doesn’t sound right does it but if the banks will lend that kind of money they know your makin it!! :boink:

Right on :elephant:

LOL :biglaugh:

School level - Masters in Engineering
Savings - Enough for 2 years
Credit level - 730+
Goal - add 250k to my network worth in 2006 and increase my
cashflow to 2500/month

hi all

school level- BA in nursing
savings- enough to cover the next two weeks
credit level- below 500
goal- get off the porch and run with the big dogs!!!

i’m very optimistic (smile)

school level- High School grad
credit level- 740
savings- enough for the next 3 years
goals- To do at least 150 wholesale deals (currently on 72), and do 100 rehabs (currently on 26). Oh yes to become the sexist man on earth- (I’ve already completed that actually)

School level - BS in Biology, BS Physician Assistant Studies
Credit Level- 745
Savings - Minimal (HELOC safety net)
Goals - Buying SFH for appreciation, Cash flow, and retiring
from Health care in 10 yrs. I am almost 30 (OMG!)

school level- HS drop out
credit level -low 500’s
savings - 3k
goals - flip properties in the early stages, gradually building to rentals (as reo says keep the best wholesale the rest) and get out of my 9-5 factory job and provide a good place for people to rent and help people achieve their goals of owning a home.

School level - BS in Finance (Southern Illinois University)
Credit Level- 704
Savings - I can buy a Snickers Bar and get a house for no money down
Goals - Buying enough rental units with positive cash flow in the next
6 months along with a couple of rehabs to leave my 9-5 job.

What is being done to reach goals: I decided to get into REI about 6 weeks ago.
I hopefully will be closing on a property within the next two weeks (will be renting or do a lease-option). I put in an offer on another property which was accepted and I’m now working at getting financing (this property will rent at a positive cash flow and can be rehabbed for profit as well). I have the possibility of getting another property in the coming month with 100% financing (90% first and 10% second). The first two properties were negotiated with no job at all and the last property is being negotiated while I’ve been in a job for just over a week.

I agree with Bluemoom that cash flow is definitely KING. I had never carried any debt before until last year. It was really scary.
But now I am the opposite. So far I carry about 1.5 in debt. I am still investing.

School level = high school

Savings = Enough

Social Security = 544-66-8800 (JK!)

Credit score = 759

Goal = to raise extra cash to open a center to help women in crisis.
I plan on holding on to 10 rentals for about 3-5 years then possibly selling a few and paying off the rest.