Post 700 needed to be special for all!

First off thank you to all I have been on WWW.REICLUB.COM for a year or so. And one of the Greatest accomplishments I have seen is the increase in new members. I have really enjoyed watching and helping some of them grow.

As most of you all know I have owned R.E.O. Consultants now for 10 years and when I started it I had no idea what A R.E.O. (bank owned property) even was, it was simply my initials. And got highly frustrated when I had all the calls of people asking if I bought Bank Owned property! Maybe it was fate but it worked out to be the greatest coincidence of my lifetime!

I am now 30 and living a great life! So on post 700 I would like to tell you a little more about how I do this!


Always think of new and exciting ways to promote to your business…NEVER BE A SHEEP always be a individual…

If someone tells you to do it this way or that way… Explore other options there are at least 5 ways to do any deal what works best for you personally what is the best way to accomplish your needs and sellers needs!

My mother always told me growing up you do not know what you have til it is gone B.S. You do not know what you have been missing until it arrives!

There are new ideas brewing everyday GO WITH THEM DO NOT RUN FROM THEM!!

Remember The door to opportunity is marked “push.” I learned that here!

There are troubles in some states with Lease Options and Subject 2 I personally know people that shut down closed there door and went back to a JOB because they could not adapt to new things I even had one guy that I have been sort of mentoring tell me his door of happiness had closed!

LEARN TO ADAPT! When the door of happiness closes others open most people on the other hand stare at that closed door for so long they never see the other doors open for them!! LOOK FOR OPEN DOORS!

Remember the word NO is a buying signal that means they want to buy!!

Offer options on every deal always put yourself in the sellers shoes and think what would I want if I were the seller… Then take it one step further WHAT WOULD I ACCEPT IF I WAS THE SELLER!!!

Everybody is different treat them that way!

And like someone else said here one time HAVE A OPEN MIND TO EVERYTHING AND NOT ATTACHED TO ANYTHING!!

Thanks again and Good luck to all


Now I feel like such a loser at only 684 (I guess I need to focus more on quantity and less on quality – LOL!)! TedJr is “The man” at 1668 but your 2nd place 700 is not too shabby!

Here’s to another 700! :beer:

Good job!


REO…Thanks for the words of encouragement…Its people like you that makes this worth while…thanks for all your advice you have given us…


This is the closest thing I could find to Pee Wee Herman doing the “tequila” dance.

Congratulations! Have enjoyed the information and advice in the short period that I have been on this site.

Keep it up. 8)

Howdy REO:

I have known you almost a year and you have done 700 great posts in that short time. It took me a lot longer. I actually had some more that got cancelled when the club changed from AustinREIclub to Texas REIclub and then to todays REIclub ( but who is counting). I can tell that you are really and truly trying to help folks start investing and that is what counts. You have been a true friend and a mentor to many here on the site.

Congrats and keep up the great work

Straight from the heart. Great post!!!
What an awesome inspiration you are, Keep up the good work!!!
Us beiginners need more people like you. I would give anything to have half your knowledge. I will be successful in REI just not as fast as I would like.


Robb, thanks for your contributions of knowledge, enthusiasm, non-conformity and rebelliousness. Everything one wants is always outside the box. Thanks again and congratulations on 700 (I guess that makes you the Pat Robertson of the REI club!!). :angel:


Thanks for your continuing (and FREE) input on this board. It is most welcome!

I only have ~600 posts to reach the “700 Club”, but I’m sure by then, you’ll be at 5,000.


Thank you to all for the support! This support is what makes this a great site!

thanks for the words of encouragement!