Possible sub-2 in San Antonio?

Tues 8-20 -05

OK - here’s the deal. Put a posting on craigslist about investing in San Antonio as I have relatives there, but live here on East Coast.

Got a reply today –

[i]I am selling my

home because of a loss of my spouse’s income. The home
is appraised with Bexar County at $246,800; which is
generally 10-15% lower than market value.

I would like to be out by end of October and am willing
to sell at $233,000 with no agents involved. The house is
at xxxxx xxxx-xxxxx in a 24 hour live guarded subdivision.
The lot on my property is the biggest in the neighnorhood
at .91 of an acre. Most are .25 of acre. The house is
2169 sq ft with 3BD/2BATHs and a study/4th BR. The house is
in excellent condition and is a custom built home. It is
100% stucco with a concrete tile roof.[/i]
I am in the process of trying to talk with the owner and get more information, pix, etc.

My biggest problem, obviously, is distance and the fact that I have no idea about the TREC contract or anything like that. I might want to hold for rental/lease option if the numbers worked, but more than likely will want to assign and be done with it if I can get him to accept numbers that work for everyone. Could be a sub-2 as well - are they legal in Texas?

Any advice would be appreciated - TedJr, Ou etes-vous? (that’s French for Where are you? - had to throw that in there since you now know what “facile” means!)

Anyone interested? Email me direct with a PM and I’ll be in touch

You can do this, but there is some questions that need to be opened up. I would like to talk to you more over the phone! Call 512-736-7558. Call anytime, that is my cell phone.