possible short sale??

I posted this about 2 weeks ago on the beginners forum where I thought I might have an outright wholesale opportunity but now things have changed.
Short story - couple in Ch. 7, owes 277K in a 1st and 2nd (no liens) and the property (which needs a minimum of $50K work probably more like 60 to 70K) would sell ARV at about $325K at the highest.
I have been told that I might want to pursue a short sale. Couple’s Ch. 7 hearing is Oct 17, discharge is Nov 17, and she said that as of Dec 17 she will be able to go to lenders to get a loan for a new property. Doesn’t want to move until Dec. also.

I have asked her about getting permission to talk with her lender(s) and lawyer. Any advice or does this seem to far-fetched just based on what I’ve said?
Thanks for the replies