Possible motivated Seller with bad tenants help!

Hello, I have a home owner who is motivated because he has bad tenants who have not been paying the full rent for a few months now, and I am new to real estate investing and All I do right now is Wholesaling because I have no money of my own, I offered my lowball price for the home but he did not accept it and didn’t want to “give it away” lol, but my question is this, is there anyother way I can help this guy with another way to invest in this property? subject to? any ideas will help me! I generally only wanted to focus on wholesaling but I would like to know all my options! thanks!

Try and get creative with your offer…

See if the guy will do some sort of owner finance. You can typically pay more money if the seller will do owner financing.

Do you have any sort of contract?

If not it seems to me that you are being asked how to evict or how to get the tenant to pay rent.

Neither of these solutions are available to you.

As already posted, try something else.

How about taking it subjet to?

How about you lease option?

And the REALLY BIG question is HOW MOTIVATED is he…or…is he just venting to you looking for free assistance???

Sounds like a great scenario for a subject to or lease option.