possible deals

I am a new to this game so please bare with me. I have found several possible deals in the pre-foreclosure listings in my county. I have tried the mass mailing technique and got absolutely no responses. Now I am thinking about knocking on doors. Is there anything I should keep in mind or something I should know about this method? I appreciate all advice

Your job is to get in their house. Focus on that. Once you’re in get on a first name basis, find out why they’re in foreclosure, if you’re the best solution try to convince them that they need to sell now.

and don’t drive up to the house in an expensive car looking like a swindler. Also I would recommend not having any signs on the car you use, people don’t want the whole neighborhood to know their in preforeclosure process.

Thanks for the advice. I think my biggest concern is my approach. I don’t know whether to ask if they are willing to sell their house or try to confront them about there pre-foreclosure situation.

I haven’t knocked on doors. What I have seen others post though is to say that you’re an investor that buys homes for cash in their area. Ask them if they know anyone that may want to sell. A lot of people will get very defensive if you confront then about being in foreclosure.

have youv’e tried direct mail and if so - do you think it may be the letter
have youve tried flyers