Possible 100k deal with direct mail.

So I spent 400 on postcards and yeah a tired landlord just fell in my lap wanting to unload. Got a potential buyer that likes
100 units apartments lined up and they said they would check it out. Maybe just maybe I will get lucky and this thing will close and I will see the biggest check of my short career. I can’t help to think what would Rando would do.

100K! That is a whopper of a check. :shocked

I hope it goes straight to closing and you get a check so fat you have to call a Uhaul to pick you up in front of the Title Company. :beer

You made me laugh …yeah …I can’t imagine what Rando would do or even say :wink: !

Nice!! :beer

Talked to the title company and there pulling how much the closing will be. Talked to the owner about access to the rentals and to devise a plan to not disturb his tenants. After repairs are calculated I’m hoping to get the seller down to 800k and flip it to her for 900k but if he digs his heels in I can still flip it at 1 million and get my 100k. Also got two more small deals to work that should provide 5 to 10k. So the tax man is going to love me this year if it all works out.

Whoo Hoo…Listen once you get this deal closed send in a Success Story or Video about it.

This is Amazing…I would love to send you a I Buy Houses gift from reiclub.com.

BTW…your title company does double/simultaneous closings or you have to close first before you officially flip?

We are closing simultaneously. I will definitely keep you updated and for sure will do a vid. Got my fingers crossed because it’s not done till closing!

Talk to another lady today. Brother died and left her a gutted 2/1. She’s been trying to fix it but you can tell that the money is short. Taxes are also past due so another sign right there. People really do make me laugh though. While I was talking to her and discussing the house she tells me she will have her lawyer on retainer look over anything if we come to agreement. I mean you can’t pay your taxes but you have a lawyer making steady income off you… Hmmm I guess we will see how it goes not a huge fan of 2/1 but might be a handyman special for my bandits and Craigslist.

You’re killing it man! Must be throwing out that positivity and attracting the same toward ya! Good luck!

Going to take a few pictures Tuesday and hopefully a accurate rent roll and expenses report. Buyer is asking for updates and seller still seems eager. In fishing terms I know I have the bass on the hook. Now I just got to reel the sucker in. Maybe just maybe I will catch my trophy. Makes me want more multi unit/landlord deals. I want to clear 500k in a month. Just got to find the buyers lol.

Went and took some pics yesterday. Viewed one of his rentals without tenets and I assume his best renovated. His ready to rent and mine are far apart. I could smell mold and looks like water damage happened at some point. After taking a tour of all his rentals he said he did have a accurate rent roll or expenses. :bs I gave him a offer of 610 but I could see the greed in his eyes. He now is processing if he can squeeze me for more. If this deal falls through oh well I can make much more per house with someone else. :deal

Dude thats amazing!!!

If fell though but it does show there is the potential. Unfortunately the landlord wasn’t completely honest and not desperate enough to take the 610,000 I offered.