Possible 0% down on hotel property?


I am looking to purchase a decent hotel in the $5-7 million ballpark. Is there anyway to purchase it 0% down with secondary fiancing of some sort? If so, how and where?


lemonpiesaregood ;D

0% down on a 5 mil commercial deal?

no. i would almost definitely say no way, unless you’ve got a name (reputation) or someone on your team with a name.


some bigtime hard money -

and one hell of a deal on the commercial prospect.

like i said - it’s going to be nearly impossible to do it NO MONEY DOWN.

10% on 5 mil is 500k. that’s not 0 down.

nothing against you Loren, i’m just sticking with the ultimate meaning of the message.

Perhaps you could use a few Partners? Either way I think You’ll at least have to put some-thing down…