Possibility for income properties

Have any of you from Mass. considered the Malden/Medford area? I owned such properties years ago.There are a lot of income properties in both cities.

I once new a girl from Medford :wink: If I remember correctly it can be a tough area…well tough looking anyway… I’m not a fan of city living and I know the crime rate was up there a few years back… I think your right, though that there might be some deals do to be had in that area, my concern would be getting into a land lording in places like that. Although I’m finding out that being a landlord in nice places is not going to be easy… But I guess if you could get enough of a cash flow from these units you could hire a property manager to deal with tenants. Not that I have any experience in this area I am a noob still learning, but when I am ready to invest I want to focus on that not the tenants…

There are some nice areas with income properties in Medford. Good luck!

If you get good help in running the properties (i.e. Management, Handy-Persons, Lawyers…) then owning in tough areas is where the best profits can be made. I own in Brooklyn for example. Great money maker, but i have the right help as well.