Position to buy cheap, Double Escrow Question


I’m in the position where I can buy an apartment for about 40k in a building where similar apartments have sold for 90-110k in the last few years if I pay all cash. However, I do not have this cash being a recent graduate who is starting to save. I believe that given my circumstances I can convince the seller to give me an option to buy the property at 40k in 60 days, the only issue would be finding a buyer. Obviously I’d be willing to sell for 60k or so, so maybe it is still possible.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I should go about this. Should I attempt to find the buyer first before I offer the option to the seller so I don’t lose the cost of the option? Or should I lock in the option with a contract immediately? Also, there is no threat of competition of it being sold anytime soon.