Poor Marketing Trends

We buy Houses
We buy Ugly Houses
Free Cash Offer
Sell Your House For Cash
Sell Your Cash 'As Is"

Guarantee 90% of wholesalers “marketing” is some variations of the above and it’s LAZY, UNINSPIRING marketing. It violates good marketing practices and often yields to poor targeting and lackluster deals.

Where is the emotional connection with distressed homeowners or tired landlords?
Where is the unique selling position?
Where are the benefits of choosing a cash buyer over a Realtor?
Are you solving a problem or trying to take advantage of a desperate homeowner?

There can be a negative association attached to real estate investors and this kind of marketing plays right into it. Your marketing message is your first introduction to homeowners.

How do you expect to separate yourself from the pack with generic websites and bland marketing messages?

I can tell you 9/10 you won’t or you will work twice as hard to achieve your goals. Wholesalers I’ve worked with who does 6 or more deals per month don’t do marketing this way.

Well, hell, Tells us how to do it the right way.

He’s gonna make us think! LOL

I thought those were excellent questions to ask about the ad copy.

Evidently, the answers are:

  • Create an emotional connection with distressed homeowners and/or tired landlords.
    I say, “No” to this one. Motivated sellers want relief from a problem, not a buddy. If they’re looking for a buddy, they’re not motivated enough.

  • Create a unique selling position?
    This could be anything that sets you apart from competitors, but resonates with a target audience.

  • Show the benefits of selling to a cash buyer, over a Realtor.
    This basically comes down to both speed and surety of a closing you offer, that an agent can’t/won’t.

  • Solve a problem, rather than take advantage of a desperate homeowner.
    I say, “Do both, if possible.” We’re in the business to make money, not be a case worker.

There’s more to say, but that’ll suffice.

I’ve been reading this book called “My life in advertising”. This guy was a big shot ad man back in the day and is considered one of the corner stone books in ad copy. One of the most successful ads is the one that solves a problem. “We Buy Houses” does that. It’s why you see the same signs because there effective. You can’t bond with a person with a headline and that’s what a bandit sign is a headline. Anyhoo back to making money.

A few yrs ago my Mom had seen me handwriting all these letters and post cards going out and the rolls of stamps and observed me stuffing and stuffing and handwriting and says:
Why don’t you only send to people that want to sell to you?
I laughed and said, Wow, why don’t I think of that. Can I borrow your crystal ball?
Now, I am trying to jazz up my mailings, I now use a White Post Card and black ink & use a handwriting font on the PC that cud fool someone in complete darkness.
Those are for the thousands of my absentee owners and High Equity owners lists.
But for my bird dog submissions, I got some party style envelopes in canary Yellow, I also still handwrite these in colored glitter pen ink.
So John and Judy Johnson receive my mailing they think they are getting a party invite and then they find out its some offer to buy their house. Some may hate that, but I know these are getting opened and read.
I’m only looking for distressed properties and sellers so they might call even with all this fluff.
OK I admit, out of thousands of post cards and letters sent out in the last few months I’ve only got a handful of calls, and a few of those were not happy to receive my crap as one lady described it.
But lock the door and turn out the lights, I’ve got 2 deals, paying out $35,000 frikin dollars. I’ve spent $1,200 on my supplies, stamps and envelopes, Paying my sis $3,500 10% for cranking out all the post cards, How much profit is that?
Of course I want better results, but who wud complain with those results. What’s interesting though is many times I get calls months later on these mailings, so I may be cashing in on this mailing all year.
I advise to Just get mailings going out, you wont make any money just thinking about it.

First of all, it depends what type of marketing you’re referring to. If you’re including online marketing in your rant, you listed like 5 of the top 10 SEO keywords lol. You HAVE TO use those words on your website if you want any chance to show up in search results…period.