did anyone that read the rich dad poor dad books find them helpful? i have the book but have not yet read it. :o i plan on reading it but…would just like to know did anyone find it helpful at all to the book.


Get the title right, then read it. Pretty much every investor I know has read it.

Solid motivational book

I only read “Retire Young, Retire Rich” from his series and it started me on my way to financial freedom.

I loved it! Definitely a must read if you haven’t yet received a rich man’s philosophy on money. I learned something new with every page I read.

I had to read your post 3 times to understand it, are you lazy or what, you say you have the book, then why not read it, you decide. We cannot read it for you, and lets be frank if you can’t be bothered to read a book you say you have, then property is not for you. Its for readers, thinkers and deal makers, not for someone who cannot decide to read or not to read, Sorry the dumbest post of the year.

good solid post by RE HUSTLER… ???

read the book, though.

I have a few of the books in the Rich Dad series. I find them very motivational and helpful. They are what got me thinking in terms of getting myself lined up for re investing. I’m actually still reading Real Estate Loopholes.

I only asked if anyone had read the book! I did not ask all that other crap some of you wrote and stop being such a jerk if you don’t have nothing to say positive to my postings i would rather you not respond at all to them Hustler, Danny the Great, and bdub.

And May God bless you people any way

xantos wife!

Life Rule #8 – If you can’t stand the answer(s), don’t ask the question…


Its a good book. Just remember that the actual “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book - the original one - is not a real estate book. It’s just a book that teaches the basics of finances…e.g. how to get wealthy…though it mentions real estate a little.

Xantos wife,

Judging from your original post, most people would assume you wouldn’t be able to read at all. I thought you might want to know the title of the book in question before you struggled through reading it. It’s an international best-seller, of course a lot of people have read it! I’d also suggest the best-seller called “Hooked on Phonics.”

First of all it’s Xanatos, anyway I’m back to squash this nonsense, my wife will go back to her kitchen like a good little girl and have her own identity on this site. Thanks to everyone with a positive post!!

The MAN of the house

fwiw, my post was obviously misunderstood.

Original Poster: Property is an headache business for highly educated people and its a nightmare for uneducated people. Thats why many of our kind throw all the legal paperwork at Attorneys and pay through the nose for them to attend to it.

Read your original post again, it clearly says you have the book in your possession but you haven’t opened it or read it, and being someone who was brought up to think WORK [book reading] was beneath your dignity [we call this syndrome being brought up on your daddys yacht] you want us to read it for you and advise you if its worth reading or not ?

For what its worth I could read a 640 page book in one day and this should indicate to you the type of my-brains against your brains competition your up against.

RE Hustler:

For what its worth I could read a 640 page book in one day and this should indicate to you the type of my-brains against your brains competition your up against.

It should be my-brains against your brains competition YOU’RE up against!


Dealing in property is about trading instincts, deals and property dealing, not grammar. We are talking here about someone who cannot decide to read a book or not without seeking advice. This raises the question would you employ him, would you send him out to buy a huge building or trust his trading instincts?

Ten minutes after leaving a Real Estate office [lets say your office] he will ring you to check the address, ask is it in the North End of town, ask will it be alright if he did the inspection and viewing call tomorrow when he’s got time, and he will end the conversation with “what was it you said again about the location and what to look out for”. And you can tell all this simply from reading his post. In short this is why we have front runners and losers and incidentally, this is a real life situation faced every day by managers trying to delegate to staff what they want done.

This thread is going nowhere fast…