poor credit RESOLUTION!

I have found a wonderful way to eliminate this poor credit problem. I just found out that you can get yoiur own EIN number and use that instead of your SSN. This creates a new credit file for you. I dont want to spam or solicit anything here, but I have done it and I have my sister and husband doing it now, to get a new credit file. i went to legalcredit.com

I already knew some of this information, but i didnt know how to use it to my benifit. Hope this helps all, it sure has helped me.


This information is decades old and it is a crime. Notice your credit application asks for your SOCIAL SECURITY number and NOT your TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. They are not the same thing.

But go to prison if you want. Your call.

Remember ignorance of the law is no excuse in court.

I won’t even go into how there is more information than just your SS# that links items to your credit file.

Fraud is no way to go.

Well, the right way to do things would be tyo incorporate and build up the credit of the new entity…which will take time and work.

You should definitely consult a CPA or attorney.