Poll about the skip-tracing service. Please Participate

Would you be interested in working with the skip-tracer that:

  1. Charges $15 per successful search for the first 25 searches, $13 per successful search after that. Payment method - Paypal. Money is returned if the search is not successful.
  2. 24-hour turnaround time, 12-hour turnaround time for clients who ordered more than 25 searches.
  3. Searches in People, Real Property, Death, Divorce, and Marriage databases.
  4. Provides Fast and Friendly Service

Overall, what’s the most important thing that you’re looking to get for your money? Is it quality of searches? Fast turnaround? HOW MUCH are you willing to pay for a successful search (please answer above)?
If you can please respond, I’d really appreciate it

Hard to answer… I’ve thought about hiring skip tracer before, but I am worried that all they will give me is public information I have access to. I don’t mind paying $25 to find someone, but I don’t need a list of possible ways to find them. I need to get a hold of them. I can look up the possible ways to find them online for free or for small monthly fee.

What exactly would the service offer? and what is the guarantee?

Define successful search. Does that mean they get some info or does that mean they get CURRENT, CORRECT info.