Polishing Copper Rain Gutters

Does anyone know what the best product is for polishing copper rain gutters. I don’t want my gutters to turn green and would like a nice shiny color to remain on them.

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YIKES! Around here if you had copper rain gutters, some crack addicted scumbag would have already stolen them!


No crack heads in this neighboorhood. These are for my home. Not a rental. However, just in case some scumbag takes a liking to them.

I have K9 security

Loudest Dog on the planet! Hyper protective of his yard as well! :cool

I’ve never even heard of copper gutters!

You’re probably too late. Your best bet would have been to coat them with a lacquer before they were installed. Even this chips over time and can look horribly spotted. Do you have any idea what it will take to continually polish copper gutters? I bet after attempting a few dozen feet, the warm look of weathered copper will suddenly become very appealing. Nonetheless, there are several products you can use.

Brasso, available at Home Depot or your local supermarket, is the best polish I know. I’ve use it to polish brass beds and it does a wonderful job. These tarnish over time and a light retouch every once in a while can bring out the shine. The copper oxide coating is very hard. Sometimes 0000 steel wool is necessary to cut through. I hope you are a patient person with a lot of time on your hands.

Gotta go. I’m off to iron my socks and underwear.

Thanks for the insight. I heard about Brasso. I will try it. However, I have some other products also I my consider.



From someone that had to polish brass fittings on a Naval ship for 4 years, I give my resounding vote to Brasso as well (it was the only stuff that we used)…

Should you do it? I have an opinion on this as well (again because I did the Navy’s dirty work)—HELL NO!

Oxidation will have you polishing your gutters more then mow your lawn—live near the ocean? You’ll be doing it more then you check your mail…

Sounds good in principle (and would be beautiful feature), but lousy in practice (unless you want to accelerate carpal tunnel syndrome).


Scott Miller