Points To Sell Your Home Rapidly


My name is Leo Scott and I’m a full-time real estate investor. My goal is to build wealth through proven investing strategies and share these strategies with others. By implementing these strategies I strive to help myself and others to obtain a level of financial and personal freedom which otherwise may not be attainable through a typical “JOB”.

I’ve discovered some points to sell house rapidly :

  1. Locate A Realtor.
  2. Set Reasonable Price.
  3. Ready Your Home Before Listing It.
  4. After Listing, Keep the House Immaculate
  5. Fade Towards The Background
  6. Offer Incentives.
  7. Take Employer’s Help If it’s Available

Have you more ideas… please share it to my list.


Nice Post! It is indeed very helpful.
i think one of the most important things is to offer the right price. Selling should be done at a time when you can gain good benefits.

Consider the timing when you place your home on the market. Many people don't move in the winter months and particularly in the time around the holidays. From Thanksgiving to January, you're not going to see a lot of activity when it comes to people seeking new homes. That will be more true when you are in a climate that has colder weather and snow. The winter months are normally not when people elect to move into a new home, or even to seek out one. Try to get your marketing done in the early spring and summer, when people are more likely to be driving around seeking out new real estate, as well as more able to move into a new home.

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Make restorations and improvements to your home so that it will be more likely to attract buyers.

Move out of the house. I don’t mean actually find another place to live but everything that you don’t need to live tomorrow needs to be out of the house and in storage. I took 2/3 of my clothes out of the closets and put them in storage. Imagine how big my closets got. Take all the pots and pans Quisanarts food processors toasters cutting boards, coffee makers and all that stuff out of the house and eat in restaurants…never cook. That makes the kitchen look inviting. Put all the soap razors deodorant, shampoos everything except toilet paper and decorative towels out of the bathrooms. Get ready in the mornings out of a basket with that stuff and put the basket in the bottom of the closet. All the rolls of toilet paper need to always be those mega rolls and be full. Not usable full but right out of the package full. No dirty clothes in the hamper and no unfolded washed clothes in the laundry room.

You want to make your house look like the women in Playboy or runway models. They look great but they are totally unworkable as wives.

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If there is too much stuff in the different rooms, de-clutter them. Don’t keep anything you don’t want to part with on display. Pack it away to avoid any complications later. Don’t overprice the house. Be realistic about the price you’re expecting.

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What he said ! :slight_smile:
if the house looks nice and clean, and you don’t overprice it, it would sell in no time!

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Proper renovations or fixes on your house to avoid minor or major house problems that may occur in the future. It is actually one of the best ways to sell your house. If a buyer sees that your house had little problems or no problems at all that they will be dealing, then you might end up selling your house on a very good pricing range.

Make the outside match the inside…

We actually had a weird situation… per our Realtor when we sold our first primary house… the outside of our house actually looked “too nice”. I took very good care of my yard and we had incredible curb appeal… unfortunately the inside was your typical 50+ year old cape cod. Per her, the outside of the house was setting expectations too high and then when they stepped inside they were disappointed.

Just like bad curb appeal can have people keep driving, if you raise expectations artificially high you risk having a bad first impression inside the home and blowing it.