I was playing around on iTunes and found a couple of real estate investing podcasts. The Real Estate Guys, Norm and Mike, Kathy Fettke are just a few of many podcasts on the subject. Do any of y’all listen to any of them? I have listened to a few and found them pretty informative. I haven’t listened to anything that I didn’t already know from you guys. There are a few questions I have that I will post on another thread. I just want to know what y’all think about these podcasts.

Nope, but I’m fixing to start… Thanks for pointing them out.

← reaches for iPod.

Yes I just started listening to podcast in the last few weeks, I absolutely love it I listen to them in the car, at work (secretly :wink: ) I use the stitcher app on my phone it excellent. Does reiclub have a podcast I know they have youtube and I do subscribe. good luck


yep reiclub has one and so does bigger pockets my favs are flip2freedom with sean terry on wholesaling, escape the newbie zone with chris bruce, Antonio Edwards podcast cant remember the name exactly its something like REi rich and famous… podcast are great tools to keep your mind going on real estate and learning new things… ive picked up quite a few techniques from these guys… :beer