I’m closing on a 3b house next week that has had all the copper plumbing cut out of it. So my question is do you guys think that I should put copper back in it or another material and if another material which do you recommend?

I’ll be adding this property to my rental portfolio so I’m going to own it for the long haul.

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I’ve heard that you can get lead pipes pretty cheaply now! LOL

I’d go with copper myself…just make sure the site is secured while you’re doing it and don’t make a big display of brining it in…



I wouldn’t replace the copper piping with more copper piping. I would use a product called Pex. It connects right to the existing copper piping. It will expand when it freezes and then go back to its original shape when it thaws out.

I’m not a plumber and I hate plumbing problems (my dad’s area), but I would check out replacing the piping with Pex.

Iron Range,

Do you know if the life span and price are comparable to copper?



Nevermind, I googled it and got my answers.

If anybody else has any opinions please comment.

I agree wholeheartedly with Iron Range. I’ve never heard of PEX, but I use the same type of pipe. It comes in a role (red for hot water and blue for cold) and has quick connect fittings that can literally connect this pipe to itself, copper, or CPVC in about 1 second without tools. The cost is about the same as CPVC, so it’s very cheap and not a tempting target for thieves. I LOVE IT!

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yuummmyyyyy - get your fresh drinking water here! through a plastic pipe - barf…

look at it this way - you won’t be the one drinking it.

actually pex tubing is fine…my bro’s a plumber and he swears by it.

Go with it. It is a wonderful product.

I am a remodeler and I will be more than happy to give you my 2 cents worth on PEX - dont use it. You will find that it is easy to connect. easy to run, and easier on the pocket book. Within a couple of years you will find that it is also easy to spring a leak, especially in the floor bay just below the toilet due to (1) expansion and contraction (2) constant pressure on the line.
Just my opinion,


In your experience, where does it leak? Actually in the line? At the connectors? Crimp connectors? Brass quick couplers? Just curious.

I’ve only been using it for a few months, but don’t want to create a bunch of problems down the road. If you wouldn’t use PEX, what would you use? In my opinion, copper is out for rentals due to the theft issue.


It leaks right where it goes thru the subfloor. Your tenants will wake up one day and find a portion of their ceiling on the floor; call you and the repair begins. PEX tends to spring leaks also in random places - you may or may not be able to detect the leak until damage is done.
You will be buying for yourself long term problems if you install it.
If you can’t use copper then switch to PVC - quick to install, easy to work with, inexpensive and durable.
Good luck!