Please review my website

I am building a new website to generate leads for motivated sellers. Please review and provide your feedback. I welcome all helpful criticisms, positive or negative.

Thank you.

nice site, but you need more content to start ranking in google. If you are able start a blog and link it to your site and post articles daily to it.

I like it. I like that wordpress theme. post a video on youtube then add your link to your site to create at least one backlink.

It looks great , a good design. Start doing SEO activities to your website

I like the straight-to-the point aspect of your website, no embellishment, all about content. It’s good, makes it effective. In the other hand, some pages might look a bit empty. It’s all about balancing I guess.

You can add one more social media site like LinkedIn on your home page. Because LinkedIn is a good way to increase your reach, grow your network and create more leads for your business.

Your website is very good. UX and UI is definitely user-friendly and search engine friendly. I would suggest you to improve the load time of this website.

Some error is being shown in the first line of the website when I opened your website for analyzing it.

As per my knowledge you need to improve your ON-Site SEO.

It looks great

You can add more social media sites on you site like LinkedIn, Pinterest.

frankly speaking, this seems more trafficking kind of website to me, you need to work more on design, tabs and fake look.

Your website looks good but blank spaces are.It looks good if you fill with content or images…

This is only good for a lead generation page. But to really rank well you need a full site at least 4-5 pages and fresh content on a daily basis. If you are using the site as is I would recommend using it as a squeeze page from your paid advertizements.

Too be honest, your site is a litte scammy. If I were you, I will recreate some more professional images.

You should look into A/B testing software like VWO that’ll let you track conversions and get some hard data on how well your site is working.

No one ever really knows what will work and what won’t with which audience. Look at craigslist. Ugly site, but the users don’t care.

It looks good but you should work on the content as well as design.It looks a little dull if I may say so.

I’d be grateful if you reviewed my site, too. Please give me honest feedback about the website and any suggestions of what could be done to make it better… I’ve been working on it for this whole year, so I need your feedback.

I agree with what Matt had said. You need more content and a daily blog would be best to accomplish it.

I think you need to use the full width of the web page and apply a Hero Space because large and oversized images grab the user’s attention as soon as they land on a page. They also help users identify your brand’s unique selling point.