Please Review my site

Hi , Please review my site. The link is in my signature and suggest me some seo related on page optimization techniques to my real estate property portal site.

It’s pretty good, I’d say there’s not much to add on page since you don’t want to put too much useless content on this kind of listing site. If you want to rank for Apartment in Avadi I’d say don’t use flat in your title tag, people tend to search apartment more than flat in my experience. What about “Largest Inventory of New Apartments for rent/for sale in Avadi,chennai North” rent or sale are good keywords. Basically think about what people would type to reach your page “rent an apartment in Avadi”…Also, is “Largest” very useful, no one will search for this word and once they are on the page no need to convince them you got the largest one…inventory I mean.

First, before suggest you seo tips, i suggest you to change the backgroung color. Why choose grey ??? Any other color like white can be pretty, more than grey.

To the seo, you page is to loud. Maybe you should think about the size of your pictures.
An other thing is your meta description too long. 229, you need to be at 200.

Add one more social media site “pinterest” on your site.

Thanks a lot for your replies, yeah we have changed background color now…
@Florent : Your tips are very valuable , thank you. I want to know if I add Largest Inventory Apartments in Avadi instead of Flats in Avadi, how it would be useful? People search more as Apartments in Avadi but Largest Inventory is very less then how will I be profitable?? Please give your suggestions…

Thank you in advance.

Your index page is too crowded.

The information is too hard to quickly and easily (if not naturally and organically) distinguish …at a glance…

If your marketing somewhere beside the US, you should use words that people are used to seeing. “Flats” is not commonly used in the US …except in some geeky, art colonies in NYC, or the like. That’s like “For Let” in advertising vacant units in Europe.

Meantime, your seo needs help if this is in the US.

I would include something along the line of: “[flats] apartments in Avadi” or “cheap [flats] apartments in Avadi” “find [flats] apartments for rent [let] in Avadi”

Perhaps two bedroom [flats] apartment Avadi" “apartment [flat letting] rentals in Avadi”

Organize your page so that a customer can immediately begin researching what he wants in a simple way.

Give them a search tool to explore the size and amenity level of units available.

Meantime, again you’ve got WAY too much text on the front page, and all in tiny letters, and it just wears me out, thinking about looking at all the details you’re attempting to cram in.

What’s the ONE thing you offer? Make that the first thing the reader gets to explore. It will take some thinking to understand what the priorities of your most motivated clients will want …and in what order. Give them that.

So, offer the client choices, in the order that he wants to investigate them.

I could say more, but it would be confusing. Create more pages, and reduce the textual content on the first one.

Leave the most compelling choices and content on the first page, if not a “Report On Avadi” and where most professionals want to live, or something of that nature. Use that ‘give away’ to capture names and emails, so that you can update prospects with new offerings, options, and changes in the market. Right now, nothing captures reader’s information.

You can also use the report as a gateway to the rest of the site, so if anyone won’t cough up their email, they’re not gonna be interested enough to see the juicy information you’ve got hidden inside. That means making sure the information hidden has a compelling teaser on the outside.

OK, that’s it for me.

Not really very marketing friendly at this point.

i like the design, would like to mention the SEO checklist you are doing for your website and your targeted geographical location?