Please read if you use word UGLY in your advertising

Coudn’t think of a better place to post it…
Please read if you use word UGLY in your advertising.,107458,107458#msg-107458

just wanted to make this a hyper link so people could find it easier,107458,107458#msg-107458

here is the trademark search for “Ugly houses”

also - i forget who - has tried to trademark “Stop Foreclosure”

the legal world is out of control
look up tradmark listings here

They have sent me a letter about my domain . .right now I sitting tight…

Well… HomeVestors invested lots of money branding their image, so it makes sense for them to protect their investment.

perhaps they spent a lot of money on a very loose trademark…

they basically think they own the word “ugly”

they have big pockets and so they try to bully everyone around them

they are not stopping people from using the word “Ugly”. They have a trademark on “Ugly Houses” and they have spent lots of money on the brand. Do you honestly think anyone could use “Just Do It” or “You’re Fired” without getting sued? They brought the ugly houses to the public and now everyone wants to take advantage of that.

they have a trademark on “we buy ugly houses” with a particular text and background… they dont have a trademark with the word “ugly house (s)” by itself…

the term ugly house has been used for too long … perhaps that is why they have that ugly mascot now on their billboards… they could trademark him instead… ug… you have to give them credit . he is one ugly dude

Quick, someone trademark “I buy crappy houses.”

Maybe I will trademark “the” “a” “is” and “we” so I can sue everyone!

Don’t forget “buy” and “cash.”

Bill Gates - eat your heart out!

He’s my first victim, I could of sworn I’ve heard him use my pending trademarked words atleast once.

He’s gotta be good for fifty, sixty bucks…AT LEAST!

That’s cool, I just need some gas money anyway.