Please I Need You To Help Me With Selection For My Logo

Hello everyone, I just installed my wordpress blog titled Real Estate Blurb. I will be launching it coming 29 August 2017. Right now i am designing my logo. I’m done with the design and came up with two good designs. I am wondering which of them to use becuase i actually love both. So please i will like you to vote for which of the logo you think is the coolest. Below are the logo.


Please to vote for the firt one use 1 and to vote for the second image use 2.

Both logo designs are good, But I like the second image.

HI - I like the first graphic but it’s hard to read. If something can be done to make it easier to read then I vote for that one. Otherwise #2

I like the first

The first

Both are cool but 2nd will be my priority as 1st one is having some text overlapping.

I like the first
Good luck!

I like one Best, but who is your Target your marketing to? Where do you plan to use your LOGO, what kind of properties are you selling? :rolleyes

I like the first one but I would suggest you do very few edit with the word. :smile

2 is cleaner than one but not as strong… 1 is stronger but feels like it is all over the place.

I would have to say 2… easier on the eyes