Im looking for someone that can help me. I would like to buy a huse for me to live in. I have the income to buy the house, but I dont have any credit at all. What Im looking for is someone that can help me out by maybe doing a lease option, seller financing or something. I can pay 15% interest on the house for 6 months. That is what my lender say that I will need to take to bulid up the credit to buy on my own. If you would like more inforation about me or the house. Thannks in advance.

how did your broker come up with paying rent for 6 months will get you a home… First of all most lenders will want to see at least 12 months of history.Also this will not raise your credit score so you reallly need to do some credit repair or pay off old debts. If you have collection accounts, make deals where if you pay they will give you a hard deletion of the account so it is off your credit for good. this will boost your score alot.

With a lease-option, land contract, or any other high risk “purchase”, you will be paying significantly more than you would with conventional financing. If you’ve never had credit, you need to build some. If you have bad credit, you need to pay your bills and improve your credit. I would strongly suggest taking care of your credit before you buy a house. That will make a substantial difference in the amount you will be paying for your house and greatly improve your chance of success.

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What exactly are you proposing? What kind of help are you looking for?

Your broker is scamming you.

If you have bad credit, live in a cheap rental and pay your bills off.

If you really literally have no credit, it is very easy to establish good credit. You can easily do it in a year. So again, get your self a cheap rental and start saving some down payment money.

Go out today and get 5-6 cheap credit cards. Sears or the local tire company or Banana Republic. Your bank should give you a visa or master card with a very low limit.

The first month, put $50-100 on one card, and pay it off immediately. Then cut that card up and throw away the pieces. (I’ll even place the charge on the card and then walk straaight to the service desk and pay it off the same day)

The second month, put $50-100 on a second card and pay it off immediately. Then cut that card up and throw it away

The third month, put $50-100 on the third card. Then pay it immediately and cut the card up and never use it again.

Soon your credit report will show that you have 5-6 credit accounts that have never had a late payment and have never been over-drawn.

Next year, you will have some down payment saved, you will have an excellent creidt score, and you will have an income.

You will qualify for a first time buyer’s mortgage, which will have really good terms. Don’t buy more house than you can afford, and make those mortgage payments on time. Never use those credit cards again, and your credit score will keep on going up.

Do not follow your mortgage broker’s advice to pay too much for something you are not ready to buy. Have a little patience and set yourself up for life with good credit and a good investment that you can afford.

After you are in your own residence and you have that job and good credit, then you can start to look at additional real estate for investments.

Im looking for some one to buy the proptery that Im looking at and sell in back to me using owner financing or something like that. I can document all of my income and rent statements for the last 4 years. I have not been last at all in those 4 years.