I have had a signed contract for 2 months waiting for approval from the BK courts to approve the sale now another buyer came out of no where 2 days before the hearing :banghead and wants to start a bid war. Can he do that? The seller says she will refuse to sell can the courts force her or is she bound by my contract? :bs

If you are not prepared and capable of suing her then, no, she is effectively not bound by the contract.

I suspect… but do not know… that the court will welcome the highest bid.

Thanks but does she have the option to choose me over him or it it up to the courts?

Just what the above poster said…

If you can fight it in a court, you have a contract with her. Is it actually WORTH it and can you afford to TAKE her to court? If you do, you SHOULD and probably will win, but there is always a chance. IMO, just walk if she flakes out. Not worth the hassle.


She prefers the higher bidder, the court will prefer the higher bidder, and she is most likely judgment proof.

You’re hosed.

Thank you I might be alright because she wants to sell to me not this other guy