This would make AF pilots cry…

Warm beer and having to take their own trays back in the mess hall make AF pilots cry…


Dear God,

I won’t even try and defend myself…with a step-dad, brother, and sister-in-law all enlisted Marines, and an grandfather and two uncles retired enlisted AF, I get endless sh*t for being an officer and being in the AF at every family event…no way I can fight two more Air Force Pilot haters on a forum…

No drinking problem…I just enjoy a cold beer from time to time.

Like I said, I entirely respect your opion about higher education. Get educated at what you are going to be doing first, but personal development is very important. Sure, work some RE deals, but go to college and get a business degree. Learn the difference between being the owner of a business and just working your butt off for yourself. Then own your own RE business and have some other dude do all the leg work.

I am not saying you need to take Engr Mech, but I am saying diversified learning that some call “worthless” opens up options and gives you more tools and options to apply to different situations.

I totally agree that being versed at the tactical level is where you need to be if that is what you want the extent of your “business” to be. While I want to know everything about the tactical level of RE from short sale, sub2, rehab, wholesaling, REO, etc I also want a broader more strategic and operational level understanding which doesn’t deal directly with hands on RE work but make me a better business person so that I can work at the higher levels and make money for myself and run a full fledged business. (Yes, I geeked up the conversation with military lingo) That is my only point about getting the education. You make it easier on yourself to move upwards.

Anyone want a soda pop? I guess the army enlisted guy doesn’t approve of beer… :rolleyes I expected to be left drunk under the table, not called out for having an alcohol problem…

Well its PT time…I am going to try and get the drunk frat girls to massage out my tennis shoulder, its really killing me…

Thanks for contributing guys, I really enjoy the forums.


Warm beer and having to take their own trays back in the mess hall make AF pilots cry...


Now that’s funny! I don’t care who you are.

I pretty much agree with everything else you said, Joshua. I would say that a diversified perspective would still be at the tactical level. You make better decisions with the end goal in mind. If it in any way is pertinate or helpful, it’s leaves the “worthless” category and jumps into the “useful” category. Surveying a business from a broader perspective is vital. Knowing Adolf Hitler had one testicle is not.

I’ve got less than a month until I get back in for an immediate train-up and plane ticket to the sandbox so no beer or soda for me! You’ll be glad I don’t drink if you get shot down and the green beanies come to the rescue.

My FIL’s father used to buy a case of WARM beer on the way home from work every day and drink the whole thing under a big tree in his backyard. He couldn’t stand cold beer.

Who is Justin btw?

Danny, someone has to do it, and I appreciate knowing that some spooky nutso is down there creeping around ready to rescue me on the very, very, very slim chance I get shot down…

Any whether the AF haters like me or not, I am glad to see military guys on the forum. Its good to see that you can work for the man and still make out well in RE.


PS When you come back from being huah, maybe I can buy you a beer…that is if I qualify to sit at the same bar as you? :beer :beer oh f-it…we can do shots.

Sorry Joshua, I was on the phone with an RE agent named Justin when I was typing that.

Those “spooky nutso’s” rescuing downed pilots have all had their a$$'s saved by an airstrike numerous times so no one can hate the AF (especially pilots). Only those who make the mistake in giving them half a reason to make their entire city block disappear. :biggrin

Drinks are on me!

Well its PT time…I am going to try and get the drunk frat girls to massage out my tennis shoulder, its really killing me…
LOL. I hope your wife doesn’t mind. I’m sure she understands that tennis can be a smoker.


We all know the Air Force right? Peaches and cream…

Trust me, if they hadn’t let me fly, I would have followed my room mate right over into the army…

Night fellas,


PS I am laden with a lot of Kettel One right now, so its sleepy time. Sorry if anything is misspelled.

We don’t hate the AF…we just like to tease the girls in our “sister services”!


[b]We don’t hate the AF…we just like to tease the girls in our “sister services”!


Some more of the skirts in action. It’s amazing how many participated. Anything is better than a puddle pirate though…

[quote author=DannyTheGreat link=topic=25602.msg119078#msg119078 date=1172507542]

The number of people who make it big with a degree are much higher than those who don't. Can people make it without school? absolutely! but the ratio of those who succeed with it vs without it tells a story.

Any hard numbers to back that up? I’ve seen the statistics that having a higher education gradually increases your income, but those are jobs. “Making it big” is a little different. Just looking at the list on Forbes, more people have degrees than not. But how much of that degree is attributed to their success is questionable.


Lifetime earnings, based on education, will average, according to the U. S. Bureau of Census as follows:

Grade School Man $182,000
High School Graduate $258,000
College Graduate, or more $435,000

Note that the average lifetime earnings of the college graduate is $177,000 more than the high school graduate, and $253,000 more than the one who only finished elementary school. And the spread is increasing fast.

That a college education really does pay off in dollars is further substantiated by the following results of a survey by the Federal Reserve Bank, which shows the percentage of persons having annual incomes of $10,000 or more, classified by age and education:

Age Group Grade School High School College ducation
25-34 2% 8% N/A
35-44 3% 4 23
45-54 2 8 28
55-64 3 9 25

This year the money value of education has increased still further. The job and salary picture for college graduates is even better than last. Colleges and universities in every section of the United States report a vigorous and healthy employment demand. According to a survey by the Department of Labor, starting salaries in every category are higher. Engineers and physical scientists average somewhere from $500 to $560 a month; business graduates average about $100 less than the engineers, though higher than last year; good liberal arts graduates average close to the business graduate levels. Teachers are in great demand - especially teachers in mathematics, science, home economics, art, music and foreign languages - at average salaries of $5,300 for elementary school teachers and $5,800 for secondary-school teachers. Law graduates are averaging close to $6,400 a year. Those with advanced degrees in all fields can command even higher pay.
But - remember “Education is NOT Wisdom”

Jess McLean

The sisters that lay waste to everything with laser-guided missiles, 500 lb. bombs, etc., and leave the work of picking up whatever remains to the grunts (which is usually nothing). :biggrin


Funny you should say that, my First Seargent just today was saying we should have leveled Iraq. That would have kept our current boys over there from getting shot by renegades…

I have to give it to the grunts though, something sexy about being able to tell your family you pulled Saddam out of his hole and laid a few hits on him before the cameras showed up…


Did you ever see the cartoon map of the Middle East after leveling it? There is a huge body of water where Iraq used to be called “Lake America”…kinda funny.



Those statistics are no surprise. But the key distinction in my statement is this: I’ve seen the statistics that having a higher education gradually increases your income, but those are jobs. “Making it big” is a little different.

Do you have any hard numbers to show the average business ran by a college graduate has a better chance at turning a profit or in any way generates more revenue?


Please furnish that cartoon!


I agree with the 1SG, total eradication of the deeply ingrained ideology is the only way. It’ll either be “one by one” the hard way or, allow sectarian violence to spike so the moderates vacate, then turn the flyboys loose.

No I didn’t, do you remember the name of the clip?

Hey man,

If you have a myspace account there is a group called real estate investing in your 20’s. There are a lot of motivated younger investors. check it out.

*…“Napalm sticks to little children, all the children of the world… red and yellow, black, and white, they will scream when they ignite, Napalm sticks to the children of the world”…

In the words of my step dad…USMC

*Words to be sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

I saw it was several years ago when I was working in DC at the DoD…it’s not something that I still have.


The one I saw was Afghanistan: