Please help with quitclaim deed

My fiance and I just bought a house together. Unfortunately, my credit isn’t too good so she got the mortgage and closed in her name. We planned to Quitclaim the house into both our names and thought they could do it at closing but for some reason said we had to do it later.

I prepared the Quitclaim and had a $0 purchase price and attempted to record it. I was told I have to show some sort of exemption from transfer tax to record it with a $0 sale price.

My fiance is also the mother of my son and was wondering if a copy of the birth certificate would work?

Any suggestions on how to make this work would help.

Im in Michigan by the way.

Thanks for any suggestions.

The recording office will have a list of exemptions, but I doubt your situation qualifies. You need to be married in order to get the tax and societal benefits. Wait until after you are married. In the mean time draw up a will. If she dies, you may get the child. Someone else gets the house.

Thanks for the suggestions. Good idea about the will.