Please Help with Fee!!!!

I had a lead that I passed on to an investor and I’m not sure what fee amount to ask for. I don’t want to be greedy but I also don’t want to cheat myself. I did not have the property under contract so I know I shouldn’t request a fee like a wholesale deal. The investor says he has been very generous when there is a good deal. He is happy with the deal since he will bring in over $80k in equity even before the repairs. He is putting it under contract tomorrow and has agreed to pay my fee once the deal closes. He is now asking what I usually charge. Well this is my first deal(yeah!) so again I dont want to under estimate what he was thinking of paying and I dont want to ask for too much. i also know birddogs usually receive $500 to $1,000. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks

I used to request $250 to $1000 depending on how good the deal is. I pay my bird dogs $500 up front and 10% of net profit on the back end, but thats just me. I take care of my people.

In your case, how much is the least amount you would be happy with?

Thank you for your response fadi. The least amt i would like is $500. I did all my research, I got all the info about the property, the seller and the tenant which the investor is trying to keep so I think that would be fair amt. Again this is my first lead so i’m not too picky. The investor has asked me to find him more good deals like this so I have a great opportunity to earn more with him and I’m happy about that. Thanks again fadi

Then tell him you usually look for $500 to $1000 to cover your cost of marketing and time. He may give you the $1000 but should know not to give you less than $500

I’ll do that fadi. I’ll keep you posted and let you know how things turnout. Thanks again