Please Help W/ Hard money

Looking for some lenders that will do a credit score under 500. Refi cash-out between 80-85%.

The family that i am trying to do this for their father and DH is dieing of cancer. Any they want to pay off there bills and refi. So they can get back on there feet. Any help would be great!

Hello Brad, have you had much luck with this situation?

nope i need to give them a answer by the end of to day.

Hello Brad, I would not be able to get anything done in one day, sorry.

I just need to give him a yes or no today and let him know what i can do for him.

Hello Brad, I cannot make any promises. A note could be put on their home by a private money investor if they are interested in doing so. Also, the investor would have to agree to do this. Do they have anything that they can bring to the table?

like cash? and if so how much?

Hello Brad, It would need to be 10%.