Please help me locate a owner in pre-foreclosure!!

Hi -
There is a vacanty property in my neighborhood and I am interested in finding the owners, however I keep running into road blocks wherever I look.

I have contacted the realtor that sold the house awhile back and have not gotten much out of him. He told me the property was in pre forclosure and that when he tried to contact the owner the numbers have been disconnected. He has not given me a name of the owner.

So then I decided to contact the county treasurer office and see if they could tell me who is paying taxes on the property. I was told that the mortgage company Countrywide is paying the taxes and that was all they knew. I went off to Countrywides website to browse through thier REO listings only to find that it is not listed there. After speaking with a Countrywide rep on the phone I was told that the property is not a REO yet because it is still in pre foreclosure and is still owned by the owner. The Countrywide rep would not give me any of the owners information.

I am not sure what else I can do from here. Any have any idea or suggestions on something else I can try to make contact with this owner or should I just wait until it goes REO? Is there anyway that I can be notified the minute that the property goes REO with countrywide?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Try sending a letter to the address, the owner might have the mail forwarded or may still be picking it up.

If I contact the post office would they be able tell me if mail is being fw’ed somewhere else?

go to the registry of deed where all land records are recorded in the town or county the property is located in. You should have no problem finding the owners name there since you will have access to all public docs pertaining to that specific property. once you have their name…use to find their relatives in the area then start calling everyone until you find them!

Hope this helps.