please help me get sub-2 l/o paper work for texas


please help me get sub-2 l/o paper work for texas.
all i can find is contracts for california i have a great home lined up for the taking but dont have the paper work to get it done.

on top of that i wana move in to it myself
please help

thanks, hydrogen

You can use the TREC contract form 20-7 and fill it out as Seller Financing using Seller Financing Addendum. Write Taken Subject To on top of the addendum and/or in Section 11 of the form.

The issue you will have is finding a title company that will close on sub2 transaction. You may want to get a lawyer to draft the closing docs for you.


On my very first Sub2 deal, I thought I would just find some kind soul who would “send me the forms” and I would save some money by doing it myself.

I made a mistake that wound up costing me $3600. So I got snakebit fast and now advise any investor to either buy a state specific course and have an attorney bless it on that first deal, or just use an attorney period.

After that, if you want to use your documents as a template for future deals, you can feel pretty safe doing it yourself. That was the route I took, and have never had any problems since.(knock on wood.)