please help a newbie in the world of foreclosures

Hi guys I had asked for info regarding the preforeclosures but have gotten little response I thought the purpose of this site was to share information so please anyone I want to buy preforeclosures to sell or rent any info would be greatly be appreiciated. thanks

where do you live? There are loads of tools and ebooks about this subject What specifically are you looking for?

Its kinda hard for people to respond to a question that is specific. I suggest you read a few books on investing in foreclosures, to get started.

Once you read those, than ask questions on things that you are unfamiliar with.

Good Luck


There are plenty of people willing to help and share. Just kinda hard to reply to such a broad question. Read a bunch of free resources about pre-foreclosures on this and other sites, and post more specific questions and people will be glad to help.