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We have an opportunity on the following house. Owner will not say what she is looking for on this property, Only that she owns it free and clear and wants to get rid of it. Since this would be our first actual deal, any input on how to handle this transaction would be appreciated.

Click link for pics

Attached House…Fairly good condition
5 front windows various sizes
1 front door
1 front basement window
12 side windows various sizes
Oil Heat
Gas fire place (Gas does not appear to provide any other heat source)
Electric Water heater

Room Measurements (Taken front to back)
1st Floor
Living Room 17’2" x 15’4"
Dining Room 11’8" x 15’8"
Kitchen 11’10" x 13’5"
1/2 bath

2nd Floor
Room 1 11’5" x 15’2"
Room 2 14’9" x 9’0"
Room 3 15’1" x 11’1"
Full Bathroom

3rd Floor
Room 1 20’3" x 9’7"
Room 2 15’8" x 9’7"

Comp Info:

Median List Price in area: $39,089
Median Sold Price in area: $36,673

What are you planning to do with the house? If you’re renting it, what will the rents be? If you are flipping it, what do you plan to sell it for? How much for repairs? With REI, everything is about the numbers.


Check to make sure the damage is not structural. The electric will most likely not meet code for a rental. Are you looking to resale? What is the purchase price, can you make the numbers work for a profit for you?

This is a wholesale deal. I did not see any structural damage. Looks like some water in the basement. As far as electrical, how to you figure out a total rewire ?

Also. Should I just figure on a new oil Furnace and water heater? What would a typical price be for a furnace and labor for a house that size?

Should I also add appliances for the kitchen? No stove or refrigerator

So how is my guess…2500 - 2700 block of 5th street in Harrisburg?
Drop me an email and I may be able to help.