Please critic my website!

I’ve had this site up for about 2 weeks now. This is straight to the point and for sellers only. I don’t want potential sellers getting confused and go somewhere else. Here you go:

Looks good, make sure that you check for spelling and grammatical errors. I spotted a few in the quick look.

“your under”
“Whatever you situation”

Good to meet you

I would put the contact form at the bottom of the first page…

The font is too big and I would change it to Verdana

On the 72 hour page change the color from blue… Blue indicates a link and there aren’t any. Also every other bullet point should be bold.

This helps people read bullet points easier.

I wouldnt center the list of what you buy…

Good luck


Michael, I did change my lettering to Verdana and I do like that much better. As far as the blue lettering, can you recommend a different color, I tried other colors but it seems that blue is the best.
I also had my 7 year old daughter go on my site and pretend that she has a house to sell. I told her to read over and submit her property info. and it was no problem for her. So if a 7 year old can do it, it shouldn’t be confusing for a legit seller, but you never know.

red for the font…

Tell you what I will throw a site together that is like yours and let you be the judge… I am kinda bored today…

Be back in an hour

Happy house hunting


Here you go… Not the greatest and I am not a programmer

Mike, what you did is fantastic. I don’t know what to say, I’m breath takin. Let me recooperate and I’ll send you a PM within 24 hours. Thanks!

I enjoyed it… I used to have a wood shop in my garage and would go out and build furniture when I was stressed or needed a break… I replaced routers and saws for a keyboard and computer… Not nearly as good at it as I want

Overall I feel that your website is good and doesn’t throw to much at its viewers. One thing you can do is make the margins more on either side of the site. This perhaps will help it flow better. Also I would make sure that your site works in multiple different types of browsers. Because you don’t always know what browser type potential customers could be using. Different browsers might make your site show up different or perhaps not show up at all.

J Rubijevsky

Loading, Navigation etc seems pretty good on your site, the problem is some typo errors. Be aware on those since it may lessen the quality of your site. but over all it was nicely done.

As I mentioned previously, you have numerous errors in your paragraphs. The prettiest site in the world is worthless if it looks like a child wrote it.


I agree with the others. Looks nice, but, numerous typos make it look like a rinky-dink operation. The website is an extension/introduction to those who do not know you.

Just as in other situations you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Your web site works the same way You only have seconds and I mean seconds to grab a person who is visiting your website’s attention before they are gone. Now there are a lot of statistics out there and most of them say you have anywhere from 4 - 10 seconds to give someone the information they are looking for before they go look somewhere else. 4 - 10 seconds! That’s not even an elevator speech, which is why it is so critical that you have a professional (properly spelled words),great looking, easy to use web site.

For SEO purposes I would:

  1. Add a title other than just having “Home.”
  2. Add a privacy policy at the bottom ← search engines look to see if you have these
  3. Add a video of yourself so people know the website is from a real person ← YouTube videos can be good backlinks
  4. Add a sitemap and submit it to Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Your site is simple and to the point. Good job!

Use Google Analytics to track your traffic. It is the best.

If you use red lettering (or green), people who are color blind can not read it. I don’t know what % they are of the population, but you don’t want to eliminate them from your pool of potential customers.

Thank you for posting your comments. I put my site through a spell check last night and found a few small spelling/grammer errors, so hopefully everything is cleared up. Thanks again.

Hi Brian,

A couple of things, firstly I think the font size is a little large, I get the feeling you are shouting at me when I read it.

Secondly, I ran your site through a program called “Website Auditor” and it could do with some serious SEO.

You have no Meta description, No Meta Keywords, only 2 words “welcome to” in H1 tags, no image Alt text and as Scott pointed out, you need to have a descriptive page title, something like “We Buy Houses | Sell Your Home Fast In Carroll County”. Once the site is optimised you should then start building back links.

Your website is a good starting point but I think some time on Google searching and reading SEO articles would be beneficial.

Wishing you every success.

Thanks for this info. I’m gonna look into the Website Auditor and SEO. I’ve never heard of this, I’m looking into this now. Is there a site that you prefer to run Website Auditor on? Thanks.

Hi Brian,

Check out

This is a great piece of software for PC and Mac. I think it’s a must have for anyone serious about building a great website and getting top google listings. Also there are some great SEO (Search engine optimization) blogs and websites (too many to mention), where you can read “how to” articles and download ebooks.

The other piece of software I find invaluable is SEO Spyglass, from the same company, this will help you analyze your back links. Back links are another essential factor in top google organic ratings.

NB: I hope it’s ok to mention the software company URL, I’m not affiliated with this company in any way, these are great tools for any real estate investor who maintains a website.


your site is ok, but I think u r trying to tell prospective seller TOO MUCH. my experience has been to get in front of them first and then have them sell u thier house.

also, i have found that the more personal u r the more people will trust u. that means maybe think about removing all info related to your company name and leave it in your name.

Your website is the one place where you should be as detailed as possible to what you can do for sellers visiting your site. My site is pretty much basic in graphic content,but I go into great detail on how I can help landlords, people in probate, people with vacant homes etc.