Please comment on my homepage.

I guess its forum rules not to post your website?
Well if anyone wants to help me please pm me for the url… im not afvertising it in anyway as it’s 99% non functional you can only see the layout, im simply trying to get coments and suggestion.


Anyone? :-[

What exactly do you want comments on? There’s nothing there (that I can see) except advertisements.


I gave the wrong url, I didnt give the UrL that I am “testing” it on.

…is where it is parked for now. sorry about that

You cannot advertise your website in the Discussion Forums…and read your personal messages.


Hi, sorry for mistaken it to be advertising, im really just trying to get comments and suggestions. When I tried to open my personal messages i was getting an error so i just gave up, I’ll try again.

Sorry :-\

Hint: Read the rules and follow the instructions to put the website in your Default Member Signature…


Some flash would be nice