Please analyze this deal

Hello all,

Great reading on this forum, thanks for all the great info! I would like to know what people thought about the following deal, specifically what holes or errors I might have in my approach:

The subject is a small trailer park with 3 rented trailers and 5 leased pad sites. I am planning to offer $142K with a ceiling of $155K. For argument’s sake the numbers below are based of off a purchase price of $150K. Gross rents are $35,520.

The place is in good shape and clean. The 3 rented trailers are old but in fine shape and mostly renovated.

Note: Operating Expenses the second line below includes insurance, taxes, water, electric, 10% of gross rents as a management expense, 15% of gross rents as a vacancy expense, and 12.5% of gross rents as a repairs/maintenance expense. Heat is paid by tenants.

Purchase Price $150,000
Down Payment $37,500
Scheduled Annual Gross Income $35,520
P&I $8,835
Operating Expenses $15,204
NOI (after 15% vacancy allowance) $14,988
Cash Flow $6,153
Initial Cash Cost (with buying costs) $40,500
Return on Cash (with buying costs) 15.19%
Debt Service Coverage Ratio 1.70
Total Percent Financed 75%
NOI (before P&I) / Purchase Price 10%
Gross Rent Multiplier 4.22

Comps are VERY few and far between (as in two others in a 20 mile radius over the past two years). The asking price is $186,500. How close can I get to this? I would like to start my investing on a great step, but I also want to START my investing!


P.S. Sorry about the screwy columns above, I tried to get them straight…