Planning to Invest in Encoders Products Business

My husband will be retiring from work soon. We have this commercial lot that we purchased 3 years ago and since it was paid already, we are thinking to build our business there. The location is very accessible. To find other means of getting an income, we are planning to put up a shop that sells different selection of encoder products which includes incremental and absolute encoders. However, we need reliable suppliers to provide us with a variety of encoders that are used by a variety of industries. I wonder, if anyone here could suggest a trusted manufacturers for that?

Nice. I hope that pushes through. Rents on business establishments are so high these days. At least you won’t have to rent. I don’t like the idea of paying rents monthly for my business. About the supplier you are asking, I don’t have any a idea but try to Google it. Maybe you can find a couple of suppliers and find a good one. Good luck!

My brother-in-law works in a company which manufactures hospital tables. He said they used encoders a lot and recommended me their supplier. We’re planning to send them an email for more details and a quote soon.

  1. Finding suppliers with low price
  2. Suppliers that reach your quality standards.
  3. Deliver products fast.