Placing your ad on top of a taxi cab...

…has anyone ever tried this?

The cost is about $250 per month for 1 cab .

The estimates are you’ll get about 40,000 impressions per month from 1 cab.

I’ve seen a few around town, here in PHX.

I would want to know how much of the traffic is local and how much are visitors… Do the cabs frequent tourist areas or are they driving around the community?

For the same value you could put grocery store dividers at the check out in the areas you want to invest in…

Good luck


like anything, test test test

separate web address $10/year (godaddy)
separate phone number $24 / year plus minute charges (kall8)

you spend $250 per month, that is $3k per year. If you do one deal
that is enough to offset that, but keep in mind that deal might not
come until the 10th month.

If you are not doing direct mail (letter) marketing, your $3k will have better
results there than on a taxi cab.

The cost is pretty much expensive. I mean $250 a month is quite big and the results might not be that early to come out. I guess there are other alternatives you can do, spending that amount for two or three methods other than taxi advertising.

There are lots of alternatives, far more cheaper and effective alternatives compared to a taxi cab ad, like what other people mentioned already. I think its not practical.

Too expensive I would say. Not worth the wait too when there are cheaper alternatives you can use.

I’d like to hear your results if you do this. My gut tells me you won’t get very many calls… And the calls you do get, probably won’t be the leads you’re looking for.

I agree with the rest of group… There is much more cost effective ways to market to find motivated sellers… Yellow letters being my favorite way as it’ll make your phone blow up!

If you do the taxi cab, let me know how it goes!