Placing flyers in newspaper

Has anyone tried this type of Marketing? I’m getting a great deal with my local paper and I’m designing my flyer. I’d like to hear any tips or advice anyone has. I am wondering how long I should run this. I’m thinking every Tuesday for at least a month.

Also, I’m wondering if it’s worth it to do a double sided flyer. Every week will cost me $580 for 10,000 pieces. One month is already going to cost me $2,320. I don’t mind spending the cash but I need to get this right. How long would you run it for? Thanks.


I wouldnt put them “IN” the newspaper I would put them on the newspaper…

You should print on both sides. It is not much more expensive. Or better: Get some other business to advertise on the back side and pay for half (or more). This way you get your 10k pieces out for half price!

I wouldn’t put them within the newspaper… Not nearly as effective as on the newspaper. Do you know why they are called flyers… Because people wad them up and throw them in the trash.

A sticky note on the outside of the newspaper will out pull a flyer…

Hahaha well said Michael “Why they are called flyers”. Ya true, it’s not as effective inside the paper as it’s sticked to the front page.

Thanks guys. It’s been a while since I checked in here… I have my flyer designed and ready to go. I’ve heard great things about doing an insert! It would certainly stand out more than just another business ad in black and white. I was going to do a bright flyer inserted that is basically a revised version of the first mailing I just sent out. I don’t know much about stickers on the front page but I will look into this. The lady at the Newspaper has been very helpful.

Still not sure how long I should run this. I want to get a good response but spend my money wisely.

its a waste of money to incert…

BTW the newspaper person is paid to be nice and promote their product…

This kind of marketing advertisement is really expensive and probably a lower percentage for your business or product to be noticed. Why not try also internet marketing? Many people are now placing their ads on the net. But if that is the way you want, then go ahead. You said you wouldn’t care if you spend a lot of bucks for that anyway.

CTInvestor, after you do this, would you please come back and tell us what response you got? I don’t know anyone who has done it, so I would like to hear how it worked.

I know it works for grocery stores, but people have been trained for generations to read those flyers looking for specials and coupons.

We get a little envelope full of coupons in the mail every month. I often look through them, and my ex carpet cleaner always has a coupon in there and told me he got a great response from it.

A flyer in the newspaper? I have no idea, but I’d like to hear.

Oh hey. I just had a thought. Take the flyers out of the paper and call on each one. Tell them who you are and ask what kind of response they have received from it.

If you’re into “Guerilla Marketing” could you give $$ to the kids on the corner hawking papers in traffic? They could stuff a couple hundred flyers in no time. You can see whether any convert and if it does, you can geo-target (kinda).

I can just see the news headlines, “Local Real Estate agent illegally inserts Listing flyers into Newspaper bins”

haha, classic, you better watch out you may get video taped.

Well I have put this idea on hold for the moment. I just sent out 4,500 postcards today and that cost me a few dollars. I need to snag a deal off this. I’m also looking to purchase another list to start a new mail campaign. I will take a stab at marketing in the newspaper at some point. And yes I will go about it the legal way! :beer