Places to Look for Investors

I intend on bird dogging a few properties in the coming 2007 summer, but until them I am working on my buyers list if anyone could help me with places to look like contacting other agencies. I have found a few places to look in the forums, but none the less more help would be greatly appreciated.

What state are you in?


I was going to try and join a real estate club here its just that the only one closest to me is little rock one and that is an hour drive from where I live plus I am under 18 and probably wouldnt be taken very seriously

I live in Chicago, and while something might only be 10 miles from me, at certain points of the day it is over an hour drive for those miles.

Yet I do it. I drive it because it is for the business.

As to being taken seriously, if you present yourself as serious, you will be taken serious. The other item is, if you just show up one time and never go again, they won’t take you seriously. I couldn’t tell you how many people come up to me at their first attendence of a REI Club meeting and want me to work with them. Then they never show again. So if they can’t make a commitment to the club, what commitment would they have in working with me?

Congrats on finding your goal so early!

As for being taken seriously…last year I had the pleasure of working with an investor that was in his early 20’s. Not once did I think of his age as a handicap. ‘Walk the Talk’ and you will have all the business you want at 18 or 80.

Learn how to keep control of your deals start to finish. REI is your destiny, dig in and take the time to learn it front to back while you are waiting. Hold your chin up, don’t apologize for your youth. Take your self seriously and others will too.


well put, melissa. :wink:

Yes very well put thank you I am going to try to join the one in little rock seeing as how I could meet with them and it might be easier to find property there. Although I do live in the largest gated retirement community in the US so lots of estate sales…Where do the estate sales appear though in the local paper or will I have to contact a government office to get listings for them?

Find the properties first. Once you have a good deal, finding an investor to take it off your hands will be the least of your worries.

As for being taken seriously, you’re smart to realize that this will be an issue with many sellers. As someone who at the age of 17 was also going to be a millionaire by the time I turned 21, I can look back now that I am 39 and offer you this advice.

First, don’t make up some global sounding entity and make yourself the “President” or “CEO” of it. No one’s going to buy it.

Second, don’t come across as some rich-kid investor-type if you don’t have the coin to back it up. No one wants to deal with a phony.

Instead, turn your youth into an asset. Make a business card with a title like “Manager” or “Investment Coordinator” or something that would be plausible for someone your age.

And when dealing with sellers, be candid that you are a scout who finds properties for other investors. In some cases, you can even be candid that you are new to the business and would really like to make your mark on the business by doing well for your investors. Some sellers may just like you and your enthusiasm and want to help you get your first few deals under your belt.

Remember, even though you are a “buyer” of real estate, you are first and foremost a salesman. You need to “sell” people on the idea of doing business with you.

well that will be some great ideas to take into consideration there are a lot of realty places and I mean a lot around my area so I may be able to find one with an agent that would help me or I was thinking I could link them with a trustworthy investor I could tell them the price of the property with a small assignment fee added on I am not really looking to make money as I can’t really do anything with it but stuff it under my mattress at home. ;D basically the whole world gets better when you turn 18 I mean thats the age when you can buy a gun and vote.
Oh well I am sure somewhere out there is an honest investor willing to help someone like me in my position of course with that small amount there will probably be people who will want to cut me out of the picture.