Placement of Business Cards

Aside from giving them out to everyone you know or meet, where does everyone usually leave their business cards when its not with a person directly? Post office, bank, restaurants, etc.? Just looking for some ideas to get a larger volume of my cards out in places where people will come across them and take a look.

Grocery stores, discount department stores (eg., Walmart), thrift shops, convenience stores …

Waiting rooms, parking lots (on the pavement, JUST DROP EM), restaraunt and bar bathrooms, with every check or bill, bulletin boards, friends, work associates, ANYWHERE YOU CAN PUT THEM!! Do not limit yourself. Be creative. Think of all the POSSIBILTIES!!


I leave mine on the top of urinals when I use a public restroom. I have a “special message” on the back stating that we also pay referral fees for giving our card to someone who needs to sell. I figure it gives the next guy something to read while doing his business.


Even invoking the “5-second rule”, that’s kinda nasty, Ryan! LOL


Hey, nobody said they needed to pick them up. Just read the message, memorize my number (easy as it is 555-IBUY) and call me. :slight_smile:

Admittedly I haven’t gotten any calls from these cards. But there is always the possibility… :slight_smile:


Hey, just got another idea I am working on as we speak.

Buy the business card magnets, (I am cutting mine up to make them go farther, as they still hold well) and then stick your business card to anything metallic. Example;our Fred Meyer (department store for those who dont have them) has metal posts outside the front doors. I am gonna stick some at eye level and see how it goes.


Great plans, I usally leave them at car washes and things. But the best way i have found is signs.

All of which are great ideas. Business cards aren’t the only thing to take out there to promote yourself mind you.

Depending on how much you want to spend, and since this is my FIRST post ( With out checking the archives to see if this has been said before ) check out possibilities with pens with your name or business name on them, balloons, anything really. And leave these all over the place as well.

Some restaraunts have these post card dispensers in the restrooms. That’s a neat thing to do.

The placing of your business cards in restrooms, particularily the men’s, specifically the urinals, works as a screening device: it eliminates piss-poor clients.
Sorry if offensive, crude or rude. I thought it might even be funny (but I would be happy with crude or rude).

I bought cards made out of wood they were really cool and I have ran across people that have had the same card for 2 plus years. They were by far the best investment I made. as a matter in fact everyone I have come across still has one they are great! They do cost a little more but well worth the Money!!

One place I leave them is in the credit card slot when ever I pump gas!!!

The best way I have seen busines cards is to use the boards I manufacture!!!

A cheesy plug but if Ryan can do urinals I figure I can plug here and I will sell some to other people who may want some for their area. My competitor charges 700 each. I would sell them at 130 (my cost and labor hours) and you pay the shipping.

email me and let me know if you want some or PM me.

Some good advice I have heard:
“It’s more important how many cards you get then how many you give out”
pick up cards at every chance you get, then make that contact part of your marketing efforts.

It’s working for me.

Eric Haggin, Realtor - Keller Williams,Danville,CA

I stay at a lot of hotels and so I leave them in the drawers and in the business room! Hey…it’s a business room right? :wink:

Also…and I’m not proud of this but I leave a few in the free newspaper box.