Phrases for Bandit Signs

Anybody have any creative bandit signs. I have been using the usual, buy houses, investor/handyman special…etc. Yeah, you get the call, I am just getting sick of seeing the same thing all over town and the problem is they are mine, if I’m sick of it I can only imagine what others think. Just looking to change it up a bit.
Anybody have any funny phrases or anything catchy that they use, or better yet, something that they get more calls from?


I was thinking of putting "Terry Buys Scary Houses :slight_smile: " Incl. the smiley face at the end. I think it sticks out from the crowd more.

I was also trying to think of trying to incorporate Funky into them. But I can’t think of a phrase I like.

MILC, are you seeing a drop in your leads? If you are getting good leads, then you really shouldn’t change your signs, no matter how bland or sickening they may be to you :biggrin.

I personally like using rhyming slogans like what phatman is doing. Just use your name and rhyme it with something that appeals to your target audience. For example, ‘James takes the pain out of buying your house’ or if you want to get a little more extreme, ‘James buys houses in shame’.

The calls have slowed a bit, no fault of mine, same number of signs etc. However, here in Central FL as you may guess the number of other signs has increased (big surprise). I was just looking for some new ideas. I do handwritten signs because of the volume it is cheapest. I was thinking of using red markers instead of black, I know, how daring! Wondering of this helped anyone? ANything to help stand out in the mass of signs here.

The message doesn’t have to be unique or “funny”. Sometimes blend message can help as well because sellers see that message all the time and when they see your sign, they will call you (others established the brand for you!).

We Buy Houses! works well, you could change the font as long as it is readable and black on yellow.

One thing Cash$ taught me is that if you are using other methods of marketing, it would be a good idea to tie it in with your bandit sign by having them somewhat look similar so the seller sees your message repeatedly.

Make it short, no more than 3 lines, and good colors (black on yellow best)